5 January 2013

SCATTERDAY - and the letter is .....

Awe - isn't it nice to start off with W.
I could put my tongue firmly in my cheek and declare that I fit ALL of the four categories but that would be too easy.

So what are the Categories..
and what did I find to photograph?

W - is for Weddings and Weddings are expensive.  Not to mention a lot of Work.  By this time next year we will have not only married off our DD - but will also be in the midst of preparations for DS#1 as well.
So glad DS#2 is planning on staying around a bit longer.

W - this is Warwick (DS#2) and he is actually a Musician (plays Trumpet in a Youth Orchestra), but today I have introduced him to the finer art of playing the WASHBOARD, a relic of my days in a Bush Band. - I think it may sound better if he turned it up the right way and added a couple of cat food tins!

Glad to find a use for those extra small thimbles my Mother gave me.....

W - to some the sight of Workmen actually working is exciting indeed.  But these guys are building a new Woollies store and Community Hub at the old KODAK property in Coburg.
The exciting part of this is that when it is finished we will be able to Walk to the Supermarket and associated satellite shops - maybe a new coffee shop or bakery???
Exciting indeed!

W - Regulars to my Blog are well acquainted with my long term Work In Progress.
For those people who are visiting for the first time.  I am working on Esther Aliu's Heart's Desire.
Recently I posted that my centre blocks were finally together - I am currently working on the Wavy first border.

So there you have it - my first Scatterday post...  It has been fun keeping an eye out for interesting things when I am out and about that may feature in future posts.


  1. Great collection of "W"s, Wendy!

  2. Love your 'W's. I also have a DS3 who is Warwick, but he's not around at the moment (at the Policy Academy In Glen Waverley) and not very musical. BTW - I love the background to your blog - same as mine!!!!

  3. Snap to the expensive weddings but you have to agree they are lots of fun... Will Warwick be providing the musical accompaniment?

  4. I love your W. I was too brain dead to go that far today.
    The washboard is great and Warwick fits so well.
    Hope you enjoy walking off those coffees.

  5. I love Warwick on the Washboard, Wendy!
    Keep Scatterdaying - from another participant.

  6. I'd be excited to have Woolies within walking distance too!

  7. Gosh, you have got a very busy year ahead of you! I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2013 ;)

  8. Love your take on the theme for the first category and letter W. It would be very exciting to have a nice set of new shops within walking distance from home!

  9. Great 'Ws'. Those weddings will keep you poor for a while. Lucky you don't have 3 daughters.