19 January 2013

R is for.....

Ris for Red Panda - this little fellow lives at Melbourne Zoo - I remember having a photo that I took many years ago but a search of my  photos failed to find the shots (so I had to download one from the Melbourne Zoo website).

R - RAM/ Random Access Memory, this is the part of your computer that can be likened to your sewing table - the bigger the project the more table top you need - the more things you have open on your computer - the more RAM you need!
You probably shouldn't take the back off your laptop - unless you REALLY know what you are doing!

R - a little RED Train -  this photo is from another lifetime ago when you could TRANSPORT yourself around the ROOFTOP at Myer in the City at the Christmas Carnival.

R - RED! Oh this one was the EASIEST!  Referred to by the family as "The Captain's Chair" - Meet my sewing chair.  I was very much in need of a new chair just before Christmas and I got this beauty on mark down -
I don't care if it is RED 'cause everyone knows - Red Goes Sews Faster!!

See you again next Scatterday when the post will be "Brought to you by the letter Q" !


  1. Love your photos. Interesting how some of us have retreated back to history for a couple of the categories.

  2. Wow, I had forgotten the Myer Christmas carnival! I think we went there a few times in my childhood. Not every year, because we lived in NSW for a while.

    Love your new chair!

  3. speeding along..so would that chair help me finish things faster or simply continue along my present path of starting things faster than I finish them. I'd never seen what RAM looked like..I am definitely in the don't open the machine up category

  4. Wendy - I LOVE your red chair! I want one for my sewing room too!

  5. Looks a very comfy red chair

  6. Lovely creative lot....now I know why I have an orange red chair in here!

  7. I love your Rs. Some new ideas. I remember my kids loving those little trains.

  8. What a wonderful chair! I am pleased to see your cat knows its place......OR.... Is the photo just a moment in time when it is not Captain?

  9. Love your chair. Makes me quite jealous actually. Maybe this year I'll upgrade.

  10. Great pictures, and your red chair looks like a dream.

  11. Great photos, my daughter thought your RAM was very clever. Love your red chair.

  12. Happy to hear your party went well. It is always fun to celebrate such an important event. Great photos of everyone helping in the garden, and I also love your red chair.
    Hugs Bunny