25 February 2017

A sad state of affairs ...

So what do Lincraft and Bunnings have in common?

They do not stock Tatting Shuttles!

You can however get them at 
Crochet Australia
Punch with Judy
Thimble Select
Morris and Sons

and I dare say THEY would know what one was!

I kid you not - I asked the young assistant at Lincraft today if they stocked Tatting Shuttles 
- she didn't know (not surprising) but rang 'upstairs'.
The reply was and I quote
"Sorry no - try Bunnings"

I could not help but remark "I am sorry, but that person is an idiot!"

*For my overseas readers - 

Bunnings is a chain of Hardware Stores - Got some great products and a pretty good Garden department, but nothing much for Quilters!


  1. Sorry, but that is hilarious!

  2. I did wonder why anyone would try looking at Bunnings for tatting shuttles!