3 February 2017

Allietare - Picking up the pieces

Thought for today -
There is NOTHING random about Randomness!

I have been tinkering away at Bonny Hunter's 2016 Mystery Quilt "Allietare" and I decided to place all the blocks out on the floor in readiness for the next stage.

There are a few issues that have 'jumped off the floor' at me.

1.  With only 4 assorted Golds and 4 Reds - my fabrics are not 'scrappy' enough which isn't giving me much wiggle room to give a 'random' look to the quilt.

2.  If I ever do another Bonny Hunter Quilt... I think I would use yardage and forget trying to do scrappy - when I am not actually a scrappy sort of person!

3.  If unsure of the placement of your blocks - get someone else to do it!

(Although I don't really recommend this method!!)

4.  Get yourself a DESIGN WALL -
I now have to pick it all up, label everything in order, so it is not around when the dinner guests arrive!   Or - start all over again another day...

1 comment:

  1. Well I think it looks good, even if it is not very scrappy. There's nothing wrong with an only slightly random quilt! It just has subtle variation.