23 May 2014

Bedroom Renovation Update.

Why is it that everytime I start a "Quick" project
it ends up taking 6 times longer?
Alright - so maybe it wasn't actually SIX times longer
- but it sure has felt like it!

A month ago we emptied DS#2s bedroom into the passage and lounge room and everywhere else his stuff would fit and started renovate it into something - as he put it - "That I won't be embarrassed to show my friends into."

I don't know why he has tired of Lego Spaceships and photos of his Pirate Themed 6th Birthday party - but he has and it was time the room was painted anyway.

(This 'before' Photo is actually after his brother had moved out - most- of his stuff, and you can't see the pile of nerf guns and soft toys in the corner behind the camera!)

We have finally moved him back and What a Transformation!

DS#2 chose the colour scheme of an elegant Mid Olive for the walls to compliment his Steampunk Brass collection. (It is in the glass showcase.)

The new Cornice is now painted off white with a Dark Cream accent stripe a huge improvement on the old Dark Blue Cove that was there.

He has some new furniture & curtains on order and is still to hang the paintings over his bed, as well as dealing with the inevitable 'stuff' that has been displaced. But all are delighted .... including the Cat!

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  1. Oh wow! It looks fantastic! Definitely worth all the effort that's been put in to updating it ;)