27 November 2017

It's beginning to feel like Christmas . . .

Strasbourg Christmas Market 2017

For many, Christmas Time starts when the decorations come into the stores

Or the Christmas Markets Open

Or when the Christmas Tree

Soaring above the Plaza

Lights up the Night Sky for the first time.

But for our Family the cry of Christmas is Coming happens when we see the First Blossoms burst from the Jacaranda Trees.

A Vision of Purple and Green on the Horizon.

Today I saw the first Colours of Christmas -
Time to Decorate!

1 comment:

  1. I saw some jacarandas in the city this week. They are lovely. But it's just as well I don't time my Christmas by them, as there are no jacarandas in this part of the world at all - it's too cold in the winter for them.