5 June 2013

Well, THAT wasn't on the Calendar......

Regular visitors will be aware that I have a LOT on my calendar this year. Things were settling into a plan (of sorts) and I was thinking 'Yes I CAN do this'.  And then DD came home and said....
"Mum - I need to go to a Conference - Will you come with me?"

To many of my readers it is a common occurrence to pack bags "Jump on a 'plane" and end up somewhere else - BUT....
believe it or not ...
I have never flown ...
anywhere ...
before ...

You may well guess by the photo that this is NOT a 'local' conference.

Now, I love going on adventures and this is going to be one BIG adventure.
I have worked out that by the time I get back home 
I will have flown 35,000 km  
on 9 different types of Aircraft, 
cooling my heels in 7 different airports, 
over the space of 17 days.
And I have been reliably informed that I will be travelling through ...
a Gazillion timezones!

I realise that it would be daft to go all that way, just to go to a conference. Without seeing anything - other than the insides of airports and the conference venue (albeit a very NICE conference venue). Therefore, I have planned a little side trip to visit an Internet Friend on the way. 

So folks .. in a little over Three Weeks DD & I will be on our way to Alabama then on to Michigan!

AND - If anyone has any hints on what to do in an airport for 8 hours - your comments will be appreciated!!!


  1. Why are you coming to AL? What kind of conference is being held here? Just curious. Be sure to have an e-reader with books and handwork. Check with Bonnie Hunter as she travels a lot and spends a lot of time in airports and on planes and she can't just sit so she always has things to do. And, have fun.

  2. You'll have a good time!! take a nice big book to read! you will probably spend a lot of your time just people viewing!! You really see all different people it is interesting remember to take hard candies to suck on for take off it helps your ears for the pressure.!! Hope you have a great time!!

  3. Oh I wish we could meet for a cuppa or something stronger. I am way too far away.. Find some creative magazines and do some people watching you might find some very interesting people just waiting like you LOL.
    Hugs and enjoy your trip.

  4. What part of Alabama are you coming too? What type of conference? I live in Alabama and may be close for a meet up...let me know...

  5. My travel tip is noise-cancelling headphones. They are fantastic for long-haul flights, as they remove the constant noise of the engines. If you get ones that have a variety of plugs, you can use them with the plane's entertainment system. It means you can have the volume of the music or whatever at a pleasant level and not have to turn it up to a level that will damage your ears to be able to hear it over the engine noise.

    Depending on the airport, some have city tours that you can take which will fill in a few hours between flights.

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. My travel tip is to and ebook and if you knit or crochet you can keep busy that way too. Thats what i usually have with me when i travel. have a save trip an enjoy

  7. Crochet! I got some plastic crochet hooks and made the most of my time stuck in airports on my recent 30hr trip to Canada.

    I second the idea of a book/e-reader as it's definitely one of the more pleasant ways to zone out of the hustle and bustle of an airport, or the knowledge that you're flying in a pressurised metal tube.

  8. Applique, of course. It is generally not a problem to take scissors on a plane as long as the blades are less than 4 inches. Just to be on the safe side, I frequently substitute my good ones with a pair of round-tipped children's scissors. That way, I wouldn't get too upset if they were confiscated. I've flown both domestic and international flights with no problems. Generates interest from passengers and crew as well.

    I agree with others about ereaders (or books, but those take up up SO much space) and noise-cancelling headphones.