24 September 2014

Pirate Party

September 19th is International "Talk Like a Pirate Day" -
it was also my DD's Birthday.
This milestone birthday was always going to be Pirate Themed.

So... Why was I so disorganised that I had to throw together her Cake at the last minute?

Perhaps getting sidetracked learning how to make and decorate Sugar Cookies may have had a bit to do with it . . .

I need a LOT more practice so, these prototypes didn't make it to the party.

I won't go into details, but sufficient to say I had the sort of day that was not conducive to Cake decorating.

Just as well, the Cake was supposed to be a Shipwreck !

And, fortunately, it looked Pretty Impressive by candle-light.

BTW - not all Shipwrecks end up at the bottom of the Ocean - this one was beached.

Just so I could use my awesome little Pirate Crew that I have kept for years - specifically for this cake!

Even more impressive was the look on the youngest guest's face  - 
(unfortunately, I didn't get a photo). . . 
when we cut the cake apart to reveal the "Treasure" in the hold.

The official name for a cake like this is a Pinata Cake.
Not being content to just have treasure - it had a surprise for the adult guests as well.
It was also filled with a White Chocolate Mousse / Black Forest filling !

Maybe next time I should just stick to the recipe . . .
and then I won't run out of time . . .
Maybe. . .

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  1. I am so disappointed not to have been able to see this cake in person! OMG it looks awesome!!