1 September 2013

Scatterdays - E

E is for:- I can't believe it was so difficult to find ENOUGH pictures for this category! But here is what I have eventually found.

Pantry - EMPTY Pantry, that still had to have everything shoved into it.  It looked so enormous when I saw one in a display home, and much more of an improvement on the erroneous design I had in my old kitchen.
(amazing what you can do with an old photo and a camera!)

Frightening - Spike - OK, Spike doesn't start with an E and he is certainly not frightening - but he is afraid of EVERYTHING. Who would blame him for being frightened of Electrical Storms? But even a gentle breeze or soft rain will mean we have to evict him from under the bed or behind the X-box.

Flower Eucalyptus Blossom,  
Awe what more can I say -
It IS after all
the First day of Spring.

EXCITING EQUIPMENT -  This is a photo of what has been nicknamed the 'Everything-ometer'.  I am reliably told that this is a VERY exciting piece of new equipment for the Chem Lab.
It measures luminescence which requires you to energetically EXCITE molecules to an excited state - which has DD rather excited about her new piece of equipment.

Catch you in a fortnight for Scatterdays
which will be brought to you by the letter J.


  1. I hope your pantry still felt large after you put everything in. I seem to find with cupboards that they don't hold anything like as much as I want them to!

  2. Our kitchen needs a big update. I should consult you before we start! Poor cat! she must have very sensitive hearing. Does your daughter have a phosphorescence when she talks about it???? :-)

  3. Love your posts of E. I had a big clean out of my pantry and it still is not big enough.