25 November 2013

Scatterday - G (The Wedding Issue)

G - Today's letter Is for Gold Wedding Bands, 
Glorious Weather, Gleeful Guests, Grinning Groom and a Gorgeous Girl! - 
But those are MY Categories that can easily fit this weeks Scatterdays post.

But our Official Categories are:-

G - Body: A lot of Brides (and their Mothers) worry about how their Body will look on the day.
But no worries here -
And the 2 Ring-bearers (my Great Nephews) didn't look too bad either!

G - Hobby:
As you all know one of my Hobbies is Cake Decorating and my GRAND IDEA was to make her Wedding Cake and to decorate it with GARLANDS of Handmade Sugar Flowers to match her bouquet.
And I can now reveal that the Blue Flowers were actually the colours of the Other GIRLS - our Beautiful Bridesmaids!

G - Lunch: 
Ahh! Lunch... I don't think I had any, BUT our Beautiful DD did manage a GLASS of Milk.
And that other meal - Not Lunch but actually Dinner yet called Breakfast (Go Figure!)

G - Green: 
A GASTRONOMIC delight awaited the GUESTS at the wonderful
Sails by the Bay at Elwood.
And I was delighted to see that the Vegetarian Option was several glorious shades of GREEN!

Now for those few extra G photos ...

G - GOLD Wedding Rings

G - Grinning Groom and a Gorgeous Girl

G - Gleeful Guests..

Our friend Dave managed to 'photo-bomb' every camera in the house!
He had a ball!

and  last but not least...
The Good Lord gave us
a Glorious Day
and Blessed Us with
a Perfect Sunset,
complete with 'God-rays'.

and coincidentally sailing off into the Sunset - The Spirit of Tasmania...
But that is another story and not mine to tell!


  1. This has got to be the best "G" post! Very clever way of working the day into the Scatterdays theme.

    Everything looks gorgeous. Congratulations to the happy couple and to you for the garlands on that cake!

  2. It was such a wonderful occasion to celebrate! I am certain the bride and groom will adore the photos of their happy day!

  3. ... and we could not have done it without You, and Em and Ange.
    Thankyou for all the wonderful help and support.