13 February 2013

"Grab your camera - we're going on a photo shoot"

Melbourne, at the moment, is at that gloriously unsettled end of Summer where the weather can't quite work out what it wants to do.  Yes - OK - for those of us that live here that IS what it is like most days!
Monday was one of those days where you just wanted to be out in it.
So I collected my camera and DS#2 and went off to the Lake.

Coburg Lake most probably started off as one of the 41 Blue-stone Quarries for the surrounding buildings, including the (now closed) formidable Pentridge Prison, when in 1915, a weir was built to dam the Merri Creek and form the lake.

For most of the time the weir is an unimposing concrete wall that barely gets wet with the tranquil waters lapping over the spillway.

Occasionally, after heavy rain the creek becomes a torrent and the spillway turns into a raging waterfall....

... forcing everything onto the rocks below.

and continues its way under historic bridges, to eventually meet up with the Yarra River further downstream.

Maybe next week I'll share some of the photos that I took UPSTREAM!


  1. I always enjoy your Melbourne post. I was there in '86 for three weeks and have wanted to go back again. Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a nice suprise, I've never seen that side of Coburg. I know what you mean about the weather, my flowers recover with a little bit of lush rain... then burn the next day and the whole thing just repeats. How I miss defined seasons! Air con one day, jumpers the next!

  3. So beautiful...one day I'll have to check that out myself!