20 February 2013

Up the Creek ... Coburg Lake Photo-shoot Pt 2

After spending a considerable amount of time enjoying a little recognised part of Coburg Lake - that area which is below the Weir, we decided to take a stroll across the Three Arched Bridge.
As I walked the path I wondered how many different modes of transport it had seen in the 150 or so years it has been standing. And how many people crossing it now gave any thought to it's history.

We walked past the newly built playground where dreams and adventures of local children are made ...

...in the shadow of the ever watchful yet decaying Guard Towers of Pentridge Prison.

And through manicured lawns,
to find one garden bed
that caught my eye
whilst driving by....

a stand of Golden Sunflowers

to get that Perfect Shot.

We strolled down avenues of shaded Elms

and enjoyed the sight of families feeding Seagulls under graceful Willows.

(Yes, there are Ducks too - but they are much too sensible to get into a feeding frenzy with City Gulls!)

Crossing another bridge
to get a good view

of the Basalt cliffs that form the North wall of the Lake

And then looking upstream again to the waters that dance on their way - being watched over by a graceful Guardian who has made this part of Merri Creek his home.

These images are but a drop in the pond - of a wonderful afternoon - and what unexplored gems you have in your own backyard.

I hope you have enjoyed a local's view of Coburg Lake.

Coburg Lake Reserve
Gaffney Street 
Coburg  Vic  3058
(almost on the corner of Sydney Road)


  1. A beautiful photos. Sound like you had a wonderful time.

  2. wonderful pictures! thank you for sharing them. it is really nice to see some of the places that other bloggers experience.!!

  3. What a lovely day for a walk. I loved the picture of the ibis!

  4. I so enjoyed your walk - especially along that shady elm trail.