April 21, 2011

Block 2 - Sing Me A Song

So that we did not run into the problem of not having enough fabric, Esther posted blocks 2 and 3 together with a small border and posts block on the same day.

The image of a small bird perched on a vine growing around a circle with leaves and flower buds made us all gasp.  Add to that  3 blocks of a slightly different Block3 were required and 4 of the border and posts.
We were given 2 months to complete this task.

The question of how to successfully make that ring was discussed and many inventive ways were posted on the Yahoo site.  As I did not have a lot of my chosen fabric to cut into for my rings, I needed to use the least amount of fabric as possible, so decided on bias strips. My mini-tutorial for this is below.

My bird turned out a little bit different to the others, as the fabric I used gave him a rather "Steam-punk" appearance.  I also gave him some different legs and up-swept wings.  I must admit, I am rather pleased with him.

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