September 21, 2011

At what point in time?

is it a good time to discover that your 6 1/2" square ruler is in fact NOT SQUARE!

Possibly not after you have just 'squared up' a pile of Log Cabin blocks.....

Thankfully I had decided to do this little pile after they were pieced and as I was sewing them together - so only one or two blocks have been trimmed.

BUT It may explain why some of my HST's didn't match up in Dad's quilt.
I had used this ruler to cut my 1 1/2" strips into the required pieces including the final  6 1/2" lengths and now realise that some are 1/8th" short!

I had recently replaced some of my squares so they were all the same brand (making them identically calibrated).  I have checked them all and they seem to be ok, so.... with the greatest discrepancy at the top/bottom and a smaller one on the sides,  there is a possibility that over years of use - it may have worn down.
When I go to replace the square I will be taking my trusty 12" steel ruler with me - just to make sure!


  1. Well That made me laugh, I’ve been there & done that too.!!!! I love the look of those wee squares, they look very enticing, what are you up too?????? Glenda

  2. That's quite a dramatic difference, isn't it? I'm going to have to go and check all my rulers, now.