September 14, 2011

Tying off loose ends....

.....and a performance to end the night.

My Dad's quilt is at the binding stage.  It is sewn on and I just have to find a quiet time in the sunshine tomorrow to hand sew it down.  And not forget to do a quilt label.
I must admit I have not enjoyed making this quilt - maybe because it was rushed I wasn't careful enough with the HST's .  I don't know what happened as I measured and squared them off before sewing the logs to the sides but they still misbehaved.

The evening ended with attending a performance at the Yarra Edge Music Festival.

We were played out of the venue by the haunting sounds of  the Tenor Saxophone in the night air.


  1. Would love to see the whole quilt, it look beautiful.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. Yes I can't wait to see it all finished either.

    Binding is my favourite sigh of relief in quilt making. But I do know how it feels to work to (or against) a deadline. What happened to your HSTs? Did you use the paper method?

  3. I have used the paper method for doing HST's and think it is the best way! I didn't this time and just used the old 'draw a line and sew either side' way. I think I 'tidied' the edges a little too neat on some and didn't have enough seam to set them in properly.
    The pattern has great design potential and I am looking forward to tweaking it.