February 29, 2012

Clean up one Mess before you start another.....

Good advice, particularly for Quilters - but what fun would that be?
Next week will most probably see the start of posts about not one but TWO Mystery Quilts I have signed up for and in the meantime I decided not to clean up ... but to start something else! ...

Monday I had the entire day to myself with no interruptions (Ahhh Bliss!) so in true style I decided to get out my "Splurge Kit"  .. You know the one you really can't afford but wanted anyway?

As my DH dropped me at the tram stop last April his  parting words were --- "Enjoy yourself".  A dangerous and potentially expensive comment to make seeing  I was headed for the AQC in Melbourne at the Royal Exhibition Buildings.

Jinny Beyer's Quilts have always held a fascination for me and it was all too tempting, after sitting there listening to her talk of colour theory and what makes one quilt work when others just don't!

I just had to have one and what better quilt to start with than the beautiful Colour Pallet Wall-hanging "Crystal Star".

I got up to the bit where it says... "Cut 150 x 1 1/8" x 3 1/8" pieces from Fabric 48" and then they all came home......  It is not the sort of project I am going to attempt when there is anyone else around, so off it goes, back in it's bag with everything duly labelled to await another perfect day.....

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