February 20, 2014

Launched - February 15th 2011

This week marks the third anniversary of the launch of Hearts Desire.  
It certainly has been a learning curve for me on so many levels. 
It was the reason I started this Blog, to share my progress on this Mystery Quilt. 
And now, I am pleased to say - it is finally finished.

I present to you
HEARTS DESIRE (My Heart is Blue)
Design by Esther Aliu
Beautifully quilted by Desley - Addicted to Quilts, Melbourne Australia.

Block 1 - Be Still My Heart

Block 3 - Sing Me a Song

Block 4 - Flowers for Me
Borders 1 & 2

Corner baskets and borders 2&3
with Binding and added accent

Hearts Desire - together at last.


  1. Wow stunning! Normally I don't like blue, but you show me how blue can be gorgeous! I started a lot later, and i'm still working on the flowers for me blocks...

  2. Wow! It is beautiful, Wendy! You did a great job. It is just gorgeous on the bed, too

  3. It's so beautiful! How wonderful to see it all together at last! :D Desley has done a fantastic job with the quilting - it suits your Heart's Desire quilt to a T.

  4. Hurray and Bravo!!! It looks fantastic. What a finish.

  5. What can say to some thing so so breath taking beautiful. I tis worth ALL those hours you spent on it Wendy and Desley has brought it to life. It brought tears to my eyes Wendy when I opened it up and saw it on your bed. Thanks for sharing. Glenda

  6. Incredible! A masterpiece! Make sure you have a detailed label on the back.

  7. OH my! It is beautiful.