April 6, 2014

Another WORK that is IN PROGRESS - - -

Time to let you in on a little something that has been happening "Behind the Scenes" around our place.
As most readers will be aware we had a couple of weddings a few months ago - and with Weddings also comes the inevitable moving out of home and setting up house of your own.

DD hasn't actually moved out yet as just before the wedding they bought a Block of Land.

I thought it was somewhat significant that the first flower to bloom in her future garden was a Scotch Thistle!

A reminder to her of her Scottish heritage.

Not a lot has been happening and multiple photographs of an empty patch of dirt is not exciting at all - but that all changed this week when we got word that work was starting.

Last Wednesday we were told the slab had been laid and by the time we got there on Saturday morning ....

Half the house had been built!

It is only a small house but it is on a large triangular block

Which means they have a HUGE garden to plan 
both on the side - - 

and out the back

WOW - what a lot of work they (we) have ahead.
Planning a garden from scratch!!


  1. Oh my gosh - frame!! I've been dying to see where this was up to! I'm so pleased to see that there will be the tonnes of gardening space just as they were hoping for! :D

  2. Well Congratulations are for sure in order. You have been a busy gal and a busy family. I am so happy for your daughter and her new home how exciting.
    Hugs. Bunny