August 28, 2014


Projects In Grocery Sacks.
It would seem that at the moment ALL my projects fit into this category!

In my last post I wrote that my DD & her DH had received the keys to their new home and for the last month we have been packing up almost 30 years of 'trash and treasures' and moving it all to her place!
What an interesting time capsule was enclosed in her room (It actually included a 'Time Capsule' shoebox she and her brothers put together many years ago!).

Then there is my fabric/sewing room - originally located in the Bungalow at the bottom of the garden
 - it was packed up and moved into the house (See post) last December. The bookshelves had to be returned to the Bungalow which is now a dedicated Storeroom and my entire stash is once again stuffed into shopping bags and boxes just waiting for a new home.

On top of all of this .... I have another Wedding Cake to make! No not DS#2.  This one is for my D-DIL's sister.
AND a 30th Birthday Cake with a special theme.
Looks like I had better stop getting distracted and get baking!


  1. Hahaha never a dull moment for you, Wendy! How's the quilts coming along? ;)

    1. Quilts - What Quilts?
      Still very much Works In Progress, although I think I did see the cat asleep in the box with one of them the other day! He obviously thinks I am taking too much time finishing them !!