October 15, 2014

Everyone Loves a Challenge - Pt 3

A big cake needs big flowers, 
or lots of flowers or BOTH !
So I set to making lots of filler flowers and coloured them in a very 'Bridal' White Satin and lemon. There were also dainty Rose Buds in Antique Cream with a soft Pink Blush and the big show-stopper the Peony in Coral.

I then started to wire the flowers into a sweet spray for the Bottom tier.

And the 3rd tier has a Half Peony, a Bud and the supporting cast of Roses and filler flowers

More for the 2nd tier, this time with a full Peony

Finally the top tier with one Full Peony, one half bloom and a bud to spill over the edge of the cake

and just so the Bride & Groom have something nice to look at ...
a small extra spray of Roses peeking out the back.

All that was left to do now was carefully pack everything up -

Deliver it to the Wedding Reception Venue

And place it all together - 
adding some beautiful satin pearls at the base of each cake.

I think I can say that this challenge has been successfully completed !

Footnote - from the Mother of the Bride:
We ALL loved the cake. It got so many compliments on the night - so congratulations on a job well done. It looked amazing on the table surrounded by vases of fresh flowers of similar colours. It was lovely and certainly complimented a wonderful day.


  1. My goodness, Wendy. That is stunning!

  2. So beautiful, Wendy! Those peonies are amazing, and the whole thing is elegantly lovely.

  3. OOh cakes! I sometimes get the urge to learn and practise but knowing that all that work is destroyed in a few short hours...... I love peonies and yours are lovely.

  4. Your cake is gorgeous. Truly shows all the time and effort.