October 20, 2014

Mopping up a UFO

To ease myself back into quilting I thought I would pull out a UFO and see if I can just get it finished.
I don't like having UFOs yet from time to time I get one that no matter what I do,  I spend more time reverse sewing than going forward -
THIS quilt is ONE of THOSE!

It was started as a 21st Birthday gift for a very special young lady almost 3 years ago and I should have realised from the very start it was going to be a challenge.

Apparently, Spike decided that the fabric (with Oriental Goldfish design) was too good to use and did everything in his power to stop me making the quilt-
including trying to eat the pattern!

But despite many protestations from him - I persevered and the quilt finally was ready for quilting -
and unpicking -
and quilting
and ..
it just didn't want to get quilted.

It probably didn't help when I decided to quilt a Japanese Screen design over each feature block - which involved a lot of "sew, stop, pivot, sew".
(I really must learn to FMQ).

My Sashiko stitching leaves a lot to be desired yet the last one was definitely better than the first -

So, it is now on to doing the binding and a label.

Then, this very belated Birthday gift, can finally be wrapped up and given to the one it was always intended for.

(Sorry Spike - that is not you!)


  1. Love your quilt and your kitty....giggle.

  2. Oh Spike is such a beauty, I am seeing quilting cats everywhere at the moment and must say that I miss mine terribly when I'm quilting! I just love your UFO and it feels so good to finish a WIP, especially a gift - all that hard work is worth it, I'm sure this quilt will be well loved