November 27, 2014

Bali Wedding Star - Progress report.

"Where was I?"
That question - is the one I ask myself every time I pick up this project.

Then I lay out the blocks
... and thank whoever it was that suggested I make a "MAP" of this quilt.
(Thanks again DH).

It certainly made it a lot easier to keep my colours in the right order while sewing the small blocks into bigger blocks.

And when you find that you are walking around the house 
trying to find SOMEWHERE to lay this quilt out - 

It's time to "look outside the box"

Or in my case - The House.
It was a beautiful day outside and all I had to do to access all that floorspace was move a couple of chairs and sweep the deck!

All my enthusiasm soon evaporated when I realised I had not been too careful when lining up my seams.

Some people say
"It doesn't matter" -
I am afraid - for me -
It DOES matter!

So out with the unpicker
"Do the Frog Stitch"

c a r e f u l l y - unpick each stitch

and sew them back together again.

This time it is much better - still not perfect - but considering this fabric frays like crazy everytime I touch it - It will have to do.

So now the quilt is back on the floor 
and I am CAREFULLY sewing the blocks into diagonal rows.
And I have realised that - it is really going to need the Flying Geese Border.....


  1. It so beautiful. Love the colours. Hugs Bunny

  2. I agree, In a design like this it DOES matter. Your quilt is looking gorgeous, beautiful colours. Jenny

  3. I went to a lot of trouble tracking down, not 1 but 2 packs of the foundation patterns for this quilt to make it a king size. Also, I have finally, after a year a half got all the batik fabrics that I will need . . . Thanks you for posting so I could find it and be inspired to. . . Now to just start the thing. . . It is intended for my son and his wife. Chris