November 5, 2014

Melbourne Cup Day/Weekend 2014

It is "The Race that stops a Nation" but did it stop me?
Well, yes... I did stop long enough to watch The Melbourne Cup run (turning the TV off just after they crossed the finish line) before returning to ....

Painting - again!
Seems that every chance I get at having DH home for more than 2 days I head up the ladder. This time it is to 'tone down' the bright blue of the now spare bedroom and transform it to a tranquil retreat.  Where I can move my beautiful "sometimes furniture" away from the bustle of the main house. (I do have an 'ulterior motive' but I will have to wait for another long weekend to start THAT project.)

And THIS is the paint I used for the ceiling!
Awesome colour isn't it?
But fear not faint heart - it does not stay bubblegum pink - it dries to a lovely warm white.
Useful little 'trick' so you can see the bits you have missed.

It hasn't all been paintbrushes and rollers -

Sunday I joined my fellow Cake Decorators at the Whittlesea Show where we demonstrated some easy cake decorating on hundreds of Lollipops for the children. And quite a few Mums walked away with ideas and tips for their next birthday party.

The very generous Ladies of the Show Committee put on a wonderful luncheon in the Members rooms for the volunteers.

With an hour drive each way, and 8 hours of demonstrating, saying that I was tired by the time I got home, is putting it mildly!

But it was a lovely day -
                         - sharing 'Who I am... and  What I do' with others.

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