March 6, 2015

Oma's Blues

I've got sidetracked....
I wasn't going to make this quilt....
But then - 
- the pattern book for my next big project, won't arrive until end of April.
And I need a rest from Foundation Paper Piecing.

So what has piqued my interest?
a new BOM by Esther Aliu

Oma's Blues

I haven't done any applique since I finished Heart's Desire, so I have had to reacquaint myself with the process.

After spending an unproductive day trying to remember how I did it, 
'googling' methods and watching videos 
I remembered .... 

I'd bought THE book!

I have it on good advice that this is THE BOOK on applique.
Don't get me wrong.... There are many good tutorials online, but nothing quite compares to sitting down with a good instruction manual in hand
 and actually using it!

How many of us persevere with 'make do' when we have the right tool for the job
 and have forgotten we bought it?

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