These are the Difficult, Complicated, Forgotten, Unloved ... Unfinished!
and a few Samples for good measure...

On Ringo Lake by Bonny Huter
Started December 2017
My First ever Quilt to be deemed a WOMBAT
It was just plain awful!

Moroccan Mystery by Jinny Beyer
Started January 2017
Sadly fallen between the cracks of the UFO bin.

Honeybell for Aunty Faye
Nothing wrong with the pattern - but the fabric?
Oh dear - it shrank when I pressed it
This is going to take a bit of sorting out!

Oma's Blues by Esther Aliu

or rather my version renamed
Esther's Oma lives in Leesa's Dutch Cottage.
The next set of borders are proving to be challenging.

A Zebra of a different Colour
Cot Panel
Currently a practice piece for any kind of Quilting technique

My Souvenir Patch Collection Quilt
Ever Growing - One day I will sew them all together. 

Women of the Bible - Study Quilt
5 Blocks done - 47 to go
Definitely a WIP

Peace Quilt by Margaret Rolf
5 Blocks done - 95 to go
I'll get there 'one day'.

Belize Star
A Sample Block for a Tutorial so not really a UFO
Design a quilt around it or Cushion Covers?

Hmm - does a box full of fabric bought for a quilt you will never make qualify?

Recently I have "dealt with" my UFO pile and so their photos have been removed.
Some to my "QUILTS" page and others .... well, they and I have parted company.
Deciding to consign 'perfectly good fabric' to the bin is a difficult choice to make but once I asked myself If I was REALLY going to spend more time and fabric trying to make something work - it became a lot easier.

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