April 6, 2011

Search for a Thimble

Today I found that my foray into the world of Appliqué can be painful!

The search for a Thimble has begun.  I have sent out a SOS to my friends on Esther's yahoo group and have had some interesting suggestions.

1.    Japanese style thimble
2.    Longer appliqué needles
3.    Tape -of the Electrical variety in your choice of colour
4.    Leather fingertips with metal disc

I have also sought and found my Grandmother's thimble.  As you can see it is very old, I estimate about 100 years.  It is made from silver and there are worn hallmarks.
There are also some very inconvenient holes where her needles have punctured the soft metal.  She was not a quilter, so I can only assume that it was used for embroidery.

1 comment:

  1. Try rubber finger protectors sold for office supply for under a buck. At first look they are long and are covered with nubs that really grab your fabric. I turn them inside out (smooth surface on outside) and trim them to normal thimble length. The nubs are now on the inside and help promote air circulation. These thimbles are very comfortable and I have yet to wear one out.