June 6, 2011

My Sewing Space

Ok, It is a long story, that may well start "Once upon a time"............

Once upon a time when there were just 2 of us and 3 bedrooms. I had a sewing room.  It was a nice room with a big window that looked out into a very large yard full of fruit trees and birds.
Fast forward a few years and the room needed to become a bedroom and I scored, during an extension, a different room,  but lo, the children continued to grow and it became necessary to renovate - and I gave up my sewing room. (Mind you - I have a very nice bathroom,-- but no sewing room).

You think I would have tidied it first!!
I now have an area behind the sofa in the family room.  It is not a huge area but it is mine.

So the space isn't anything to 'write home about'
                                                                                 BUT...I have an AWESOME IRONING BOARD

                 Which doubles as a design wall!

I would show you a photo of that but it is a little blog shy.....

Cool 'board isn't it DH helped me make it one Saturday.
It is 6' x 2', padded, with a quilted calico top and sits beautifully on top of two 2' x 4' folding resin tables.

The tables, purchased from Bunnings (for non-Aussie readers - that's a hardware store) are VERY useful around the quilt area.

I use them to extend my machine table when I need to quilt and they fold up out of the way when they are no longer required. - Perfect!


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  1. Amazing ironing board! And that quilt looks great, too.