16 June 2011

My Avatar.

The image I have as my Avatar is a photograph that I took of my Christmas gift to one of my Sons about 2 years ago.

 He had made himself a Quill from a Chook Feather and a Biro insert - so when I saw this beautiful Quill -  it just had his name on it.
Yes. It does work - they are mainly sold for Bridal Registry signings.

I was asked today about the fish.

So here is a photo of the carved Fantail Goldfish.
I bought him at at Op Shop many years ago for about $2 .00 and apart from a little piece of his tail fin having been broken before I found him, he is is very good shape.

These ones, were bought by my Mother almost 40 years ago from a Chinese gift store.

They too are carved timber.

They are only about half the size of the one above and were Chopstick rests.

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