June 15, 2011

WOW - An awesome exhibit and a patch for my Quilt

Another cloth patch for my collection!
Saturday was my Mum's birthday.
She would not appreciate if I told you how old she was, sufficient to say it was a milestone birthday.

Not knowing what to get someone that doesn't want anything - I decided to take her to see the TUTANKHAMUN EXHIBITION that is on at the Melbourne Museum at the moment.

It was awesome - I grew up looking at photographs of the treasures in books. And to stand a few feet away from some of them - to see the detail.......
So see up close the amulets and jewellery, to notice the minute seed beads threaded onto a diadem, the engraving on a golden dagger, and then realise that these things were made by hand 3,300 years ago......
The quest for  Immortality and an Afterlife was certainly successful - but not as they could have ever imagined.

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  1. Hi Wendy, this is so interesting. I have been meaning to go and see this exhibit. I caught a glimpse of it last school holidays during AQC as I was parked at the Museum. It was full with schoolkids and I thought it might have been targeted to school aged children which put me off a little bit. Now I think I will go. And happy birthday to your mother!