June 15, 2011

My most useful tool

It must have been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS...
Esther certainly has had one, with her photocopier dying and the binder getting jammed -

At our place, Saturday was one of those day's..  A beautiful fresh (made for me) mug of tea somehow got caught in my computer power cable and ended up all over the bench, narrowly missing my laptop AND my nearly completed BLOCK 4.

That all nicely cleaned up I went back to my project, and promptly got my foot caught in the Iron cord.
Later that night.  I sat down and wrote the following to post today...........

I have been working on Block 4 of My Heart's Desire and today I have been thinking of the tool that  have found that I use the most.

Apart from the obvious Iron, which I dropped on Saturday and promptly redesigned the front to what the family is calling a "Custom made Skeleton Iron" - they have no intention of gluing the pieces back on (any time soon) for me -  and say that I can now see EXACTLY what I am pressing.

Hmmmm makes you wonder How many of us would BUY and Iron that was designed like this? (OK clean it up a bit and tweak the design...)

No, apart from my Skeleton Iron and my Mini Clover Iron my most useful tool is a pair of  tweezers.

These I got at a quilt show to use with a machine foot (that I don't use).
They are useful in that I can pick up and  fold the fabric - hold it tight and press
All with out burning my fingers.


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  1. My iron and my sewing machine will always be with me, but seriously I couldn't live without my Breville Kitchen Wizz. I never chop anything now. It even mixes cakes. It has it's own spot on the counter because I never even put it away.

    As for your coffee spill, my heart leaped when I read that. I nearly did the same thing just the other day - all over a new quilt. Agh! Luckily it was averted by a few inches.