June 1, 2011

WOW:- Work in Progress On Wednesdays

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Happy International Children's Day everyone!

My 'Spoilt Ones' have just had their favourite Chocolate Cake made for them for desert - ok so they are not technically children any more - but they can still have cake!

I have used this morning baking, catching up on emails and had a lovely half hour with Esther (via a repeat of Channel 31 Community program - "Susan is Craft" on line) while I finished stitching the binding on my quilt.

YES.  MY QUILT.  I have finally finished Margaret Kirkby's "Sunshine and Shadows" lap quilt & it is for me.

For My Mum's Birthday 2005
I realised one day that although I have been quilting for 6 years (not very long I admit) I do not actually have a quilt in the house. I thought this odd, so -What have I been  doing and where are they?

This one for my Mum, was the quilt that got me to look at quilting seriously.  I had previously made a cot quilt for a Factory Owner who wanted to showcase the fabric that they had.

Considering that I knew nothing about quilting I did a very good job of a Pink and White Log Cabin!
I must do another - one day.

Sunshine and Shadows
I concluded that of all the quilts that I have finished - not one has been kept.  So I think I will hang on to this one!

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  1. They both look great, Wendy. Good idea to keep one for yourself!