July 16, 2011

Well......It's wearable

"Adam Jensen"
Wearable it was ---
- - Finished it was not.
But "Happy Rick is Happy"

Realigning the lapels and tacking up the sleeves and hem at 6:30am on Friday morning when we needed to be at the event - an hours drive away in "Pea Soup" Fog by 9:00am -- NO PROBLEM.....
Did I mention I am just a wee bit sleep deprived?

I don't know about DS#2 but,
I am glad that 'Computer Games Boot Camp 2011' is OVER.

[Footnote:  This Costume is a "One Off" that I made for my Son referencing 2 or 3 screen-shots from the yet to be released game Deus Ex - Human Revolution.     I am not available to make these coats to order.]

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