4 July 2011

A 3D Challenge

I have a Janome 6500 Sewing machine.  And I am a member of the Yahoo Janome 6500 Challenge Group.

Oh what fun we have.  Each month there is a new challenge to get us out of our comfort zones and dust off some new aspect of our machine that we had not used.

It is not all quilt related.  It is refreshing to re-connect with actual sewing once and awhile. (I came into quilting via a dressmaking - toy making background.)

June's challenge was to create something in 3D.
I did not have a lot of time to put something together and I was enjoying watching what everyone else was doing - bags and bowls were popular.  I decided to 'whip up' a pincushion.

I had bought a souvenir mug from the Australian Quilt Convention in April and it has been sitting on my shelf since then.

I thought about what it would look like with a steaming hot cappuccino, foam rising above the rim and some perfect coffee art.

(Our family always gives bonus points for Coffee Art)...
Of course I now realise that Cappuccinos don't have coffee art - just chocolate. ........
Ok it is going to have to be a Latte then.

The design for the Pincushion 3D Challenge was in the bag.
Because of it's height - it is perfect for my Doll Needles.

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  1. I love it Wendy - I came over from Esther's blog - I had a visit to Sydney and loved how the "flat white" had designs on the foam!
    Kathy O in GA, USA