September 28, 2011

What a mess......

My Black and White plus One Challenge piece is proving to be just that.....
A Challenge!
First off I wanted to use SOLID colour and chose what I thought to be a good quality plain homespun.......
....apparently it was not the quality I needed.

 I seam to have a slight problem! (Pun intended).

I will trim up as much as I can - but I fear it is a worthless cause as every time I touch this quilt it frays!

Hopefully it won't show too much once it is batted and backed.

This morning I only had One last border to put on...
and put it on I did.......

Some times we just have to make a cuppa while we finish laughing at ourselves...
Then sit some where comfy and unpick it!

Well at least I now know what quote/saying I am going to leave on Esther's "Win a Baby Go" competition!!!!!

See you there -
Cheers Wendy.

PS.  I love trawling through the stats for my Blog, and I see that I have many folk drop by for  a second look. I would get such a Buzz if some of you said Hi once in a while!


  1. Hi love that quilt. Can't wait to see it quilted.

  2. WEndy,
    It's lovely and I love the color combination! Great quilt...for what I can see of it...can hardly wait.


  3. Your B/W+1 is beautiful. I know what you mean about having to pick out a border, I had to do that earlier this week also. But once everything is back on we are both happy. Oh, and I already have decided that if I decide to do another blog it will be called "My quilts have strings." ;)