3 October 2011

Closest to God in the Garden.....

..Than anywhere else on Earth....
I remember my Grandmother writing to me as a child once and quoting this old saying.
Looking back, she is certainly not going to be one of God's Gardeners - now If the Angels needed knitted socks..... that would be another matter!  If I close my eyes I could see her as part of the Heavenly Knitters Association - grabbing wisps of clouds and knitting them into blankets to warm the mountain tops.

The Pink Tipped Callistemon (a variety of Bottle-brush) in the nature strip outside our house is absolutely covered in blossom at the moment.  The new growth leaves are tipped with pink - not the flowers, which are pale lemon, and loaded with pollen.
The tree was literally buzzing with activity as the bees had a feast.  
They will certainly make the most of it while they can, as the flowers don't last very long and will be blown, like a yellow snow drift down the street and into corners of the garden with the first strong wind. 

With the start of Daylight Savings I thought I would add a new page to my blog... Pop over and have a look at what is happening in My Aussie Garden.  I will try and keep the photos changing on a regular basis as new things pop up and out! 

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