April 13, 2012

What's news.......

I have been a bit distracted lately with a whole heap of things happening on the "Home Front".
Easter has come and gone - with us attending 2 very different Church Services.  A modern Pantomime style remembrance on Good Friday in a renovated  'Warehouse Church' where DS#1 attends, and to the other extreme a very formal Celebration with my parents on Easter Sunday, at one of Melbourne's oldest Churches in the City .

At the same time I have been helping DS#1 get ready for a 3 week trip overseas with a Music performance group.
I will be glad when he is back and he only left Wednesday night!

And... also been busy making a quilt for my Challenge Group.  This month the challenge was to make a quilt with a WORD on it - and quilt labels didn't count ;-)
Having 'come on board' with the Aussie Hero Quilts program for the Guy's and Gal's overseas (see link to their Blog on my sidebar).  I decided to make my challenge piece the recommended size for a Hero Quilt.  It was almost finished when we got an email asking for any "Quilts with a VERY Aussie theme" for an extra special  recipient.  So, my quilt is one of the first 3 that are going to very special unknown members of our Armed Forces who have been injured and are in Hospital.

The design is based on an enlarged version of Helen Godden's  'Four in the Raw' tutorial featured in Australian Quilters Companion No 46 (Dec 2010)

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