18 April 2012

Paper Piecing using Freezer Paper

Recently, I was asked how Paper Piecing using Freezer Paper was done and I thought instead of replying to just one person I would attempt a tutorial...
so here goes!

To make it easier, I am going to be using the same pattern as my Friend. 
It is Carol Doak's Belize Star - you can find the pattern here: www.caroldoak.com/pdfs/BelizeDirections.pdf

Trace or copy your pattern onto the matt side of the Freezer Paper. Then FOLD or SCORE along the lines of your pattern to make folding easier.
If you feel adventurous, just draw ONE copy of the pattern and stack 4 squares of freezer Paper on top of each other (secure with a couple of staples so they don't move) and machine sew along the lines with an un-threaded needle. 

Choose your Fabric (Finally I have a project for those Fat Quarters I got with the Magazine Subscription)
Place your first fabric onto the shiny side of the Freezer Paper (wrong side to glossy side) and lightly iron in place. 
 Sharply crease along the drawn line and fold back.
Place your ruler along the creased edge and cut off the excess - leaving a 1/4" seam.
Fold the pattern back along the crease or perforation and position the second piece of fabric on top of the first fabric - right sides together.
Stitch along the crease line – do not stitch the paper.  You now have a beautiful neat 1/4" seam.
Continue with Fold, Trim, Sew, Press until you come to the end of the seams. 
Every scored (or perforated) line is a seam line.
Press the fabric flat onto the Freezer Paper each time you add a piece to the block. 
This will keep the block flat and when you are done.....
 .....– simply peel off the freezer paper!   No paper to pull your stitches or bits to get stuck in your seams!
AND... It makes it very easy to UN-sew should you make a mistake.
And here it is... 
One Finished (rather neat - if I do say so myself) Belize Star Block..... 
Now, what should I do with it???


  1. It is gorgeous Wendy are you going to make a whole quilt or maybe placemats. I love paper piecing.

  2. I love the block! the colors are great! I'm terrible at paper piecing no matter how I try I get lost! I would need you to stand over me and help me. but I must say out of the tutorials I have tried yours is very clear. I might have to give this one more try!

  3. Thank you for this Wendy! I've so wanted to try PP and this looks doable for a beginner. And I agree, your block is beautiful!

  4. Very very very cool, Wendy! I love your technique and surely will treasure this lesson each time I don't have to pick bits of paper from the back of paper pieced square!! And I also like the colors you chose for your Belize Star. It's a lovely pattern. Again, I really appreciate that you took the time to write this tutorial to share your expertise. Quilters are sooooo good about that:)
    Mary in Panama

  5. Thank you so much, Wendy, for taking the time to explain how in the world one uses freezer paper for paper piecing. Sure looks much neater and easier than all that tearing in picking off the bits that I've been doing:) You have a convert!! And I love the colors you chose for your Belize Star -- it's a lovely pattern.