June 27, 2012

The week that was....

Monday was my Birthday and I was totally spoilt.
DH bought me a birthday cake - so I didn't have to make my own (wasn't that sweet?) and then he booked a restaurant for dinner - so I didn't have to cook my own party....or wash up after it!
Being a Monday night it was VERY quiet and the staff enjoyed my 'party' as much as we did, ending the evening with an attempt to sing Happy Birthday whilst encouraging me to blow out the candle on my desert!

The Kids gave me a new toy to play with - OH MY Goodness!
It is an ASUS tablet with a detachable keyboard - It came with the instruction that "NOW you can Blog on the Road".  I have a lot to learn as it is not quite the same as a laptop.  It will be interesting to be able to pull it out and write up posts for my other Blog while I am actually in a Cafe!

It also has Kindle and came pre-loaded with a copy of Alice in Wonderland... Hmmm I wonder why the  programmers chose that book?  We refer to those little side trips and detours along the way when we are travelling as "Going down Rabbit Holes" - just like Alice, you never know where you will end up or what you will encounter - or now, what I could blog about - once you get there!
If my Sat Nav is called Myrtle I wonder what I should call my new tablet?
  Alice perhaps???

On the sewing front - I have been making a Special Request quilt for one of our Aussie Heroes.  It was supposed to be a "Simple Beginners Block" - fantastic nice and quick, that was until BOTH my machines started playing up and decided they were not going to sew scant 1/4" seams!  So I have been doing more un-sewing than sewing, which is a tad frustrating as I could have had the top finished by now - I am sure I have sewn enough seams for it!  And I think I am going to have to make it reversible with something bright on the back, as it it a little too close in colour to their uniforms to make it fun!


  1. Happy Birthday, Wendy - you had a wonderful birthday. Beautiful fabrics for that quilt you're making.

  2. Hi there Wendy first Happy Birthday, our birthdays are very close. I also had a wonderful day and was given a iPad by hubby, he said it will be perfect when I go to Japan for 2 months he will be able to keep tabs on me the whole time with SKYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love love those fabrics you have there. Cheers Glenda

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday .Nice to hear you were treated like Royalty. Hugs