3 June 2012

Introducing Spike

What a way to celebrate my 100th post!

I have been a Quilter without a Cat.....that is until today. 

RSPCA Mugshot
I don't know whether he will appreciate the finer responsibilities of being a Quilter's Cat, but I am sure that he will get the hang of his new position in life once he ventures out of hiding in the cat basket in the laundry and into the rest of  the house.

At the moment he is quite shy, that is until you start to scratch him behind the ear! And I am quite sure that in a few weeks he will be ruling the household.

We don't know what breed he is.  What we do know is he is 100% Gorgeous!
And his name? Well that was given to him at the animal shelter - will he keep it? ...Why Not?
So be warned, this is probably not the last you will see of him.

2018 Update:  Our Handsome Spike is Part Siberian Forrest with a Bit of Chinchilla and the most beautifully Chilled Personality. He is quite the Heart breaker!


  1. Hey - it beats getting a tatoo! :)
    Look forward to reading about his adventures.

  2. AWWWW, what a dear little kitty face!!! Can I come over and have a cuddle?
    Soooo cute, almost beats my Tiger for cuteness ;-)