30 May 2012

The not so Quick - Quick Quilt....

Today I learned a lot of lessons about how not to make a strip quilt.
I learned that you really need to make sure your strips are all the same length and that it is not such a simple thing to "square it up later" - especially when the whole quilt decides to slide sideways....
That was the first time I unpicked it....

Then... You really DO NOT want to see this when you throw your finished quilt on the ironing board!
Yep, not only had I sewn the strips on upside down, I had also sewn them in reverse order, so not a simple matter of unpicking ONE seam, no - they all had to be undone and replaced in the correct sequence....

I should probably mention that, adding to the frustration, while sewing one of these seams my needle fell out of the machine.........TWICE.

So eventually it was finished and now all I need to do is try and get it quilted without any more dramas!

This one will be added to the growing pile of Laundry Bags that my Non-quilter friend is making, and sent to one of our Troops overseas.  Just hope he likes tractors!


  1. Oh no Wendy, that's a nuisance lesson to learn! And it seems to me that when one thing like this happens during a sewing session, that everything else starts misbehaving as well...needle changing is something that always happens to me at the worst possible time!

    Still, it does look great

  2. Oh Wendy how frustrating. I know I have had days like that. Nice that you eventually got it down.
    We are leaving Paris in the morning. Just back at the hotel to take a break before dinner, in the Latin Quarter.
    Hugs Bunny