24 May 2012

What did I do before Quilting ?.....

I made toys!
Well, actually they were
 "Hand crafted Companions".
Not really intended to be played with - but they did pass the Toddler Test for durability as they all had to be vetted by my (then) 5 yr old.  Who gave them a kiss on the nose before going off to their new homes.

These little guys are just some of the more popular toys that I made from commercial patterns for Friends and Family...well mainly the people My DH worked for, who wanted something hand made for a special gift - or just wanted something that could not be bought in the shops.
There were Bears, made from bathmats, before Fur fabric (let alone the beautiful German Mohair that you can get now) was available.
And Rabbits, and Dogs, Pigs in Pokes, and Pandas, Baby Seals & Penguins,
and Elves - a LOT of Elves - or were they Pixies?

Then there was THE Cat!
Cat came into existence when a colleague of my DH gave him a photo and asked .. Can Wendy make this?
I had a pattern for a sitting Cat and some beautiful 'mink' fur in a chocolate brown... So.. Why not give it a go?
That photo sat on my work bench during Cat's construction and when he was finished - he went to work...
The Colleague was so impressed her reaction was "That IS my Cat... BUT he would tear it to shreds!"
Cat wasn't adopted, I learnt to take deposits, and he stayed on DH's filing cabinet for that long he became part of the office!  People (and rather important ones at that) would come in and find themselves stroking Cat while they were talking to DH.  Eventually Cat was adopted and I was rather sad to finally say goodbye.   He certainly was the Purrfect Pet!


  1. I love the cat!! He looks so real. great work!!

  2. These are very cute and look like they were made with lots of love and attention. :)