2 May 2012

A Handy Hint......

I came a cross this little hint recently, so I thought I'd pass it on.
Using a piece of drawer liner mat on either side of your machine foot makes a very good grip for guiding your quilt.  
It leaves your hands free to pick up the scissors - or the phone...

Like my 'hand model'?

I saw these at "Typo" a while ago and bought one for my DS#2.
For all those times when he said he could do with an 'extra hand'.

Yesterday I managed to pick up the matching Right Hand.
So, I suppose I can now say I have an extra pair of hands around the place!

Happy sewing all...  Cheers Wendy.


  1. Love your extra hands. Great idea for free motion. Thanks for the tip.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. Ha, love those hands, I could use them round my way...for the housework! Those drawer liners are great, I use them for so many things to stop skidding and sliding (under vases and tablerunners, etc) but I hadn't thought of this use, thanks Wendy