July 11, 2012

QAYG - Attempt No 1

QAYG = Quilt As You Go.  Well, it certainly has been the theme of this week!
It is that time of year when Monash University hosts their annual Computer Games Boot Camp over in their Clayton Campus, which means A LOT of going and not much quilting, as I play Chauffeur for DS#2.  (900 kms since last Thursday morning with another 4 days to go, and no souvenirs to show for it - I am mighty tired.)
 - BUT - when I was not going I was Quilting (and, OK I admit - snoozing).
I was able to turn my QAYG Challenge piece for the Janome group into a quilt for an Aussie Hero and do something worthwhile with what would just end up as another quilt for the pile.
The challenge for me was to try a method that I had never done before and QAYG this Quilt without any sashing/joining fabrics.
It worked out OK, I don't think I will bother with doing it this way again, unless I had a lot of left over batting to use up, as I think it was just as long to quilt as the conventional way.

The block, for those of you who may be interested
was a 12" block called 'Squares upon Squares' and you can find it at www.quilterscache.com/S/SquaresUponSquaresBlock


  1. Driving kids around is so time consuming and exhausting but soon they will be driving themselves, and you will miss that a bit LOL. Love your quilt, have never done AQAYG. The pattern is interesting., thanks for the ,link.

  2. Nothing like "Mum's Taxi Service" to get around! ;) I have to thank you for the link - I'm looking at some of the other squares as I've tentatively decided I'd like to make a quilt. I haven't got much of an idea, since the last time I quilted was aged 9 in a very conservative Christian primary school, but I enjoyed then so I figure why not now?

    I might have to ask you for some tips though...Figured you and your fantastic DD won't mind too much :D