31 July 2012

I've been making Chutney.....

The drawback to being home alone when you are cooking is that there is no one here to share the guilty pleasure of sampling the brew straight from the pot - while it is still hot...... ;-)   Their loss!

We have our Veggies delivered each week by the very nice Nick from Aussie Farmers Direct.  It is often a Mystery Box Challenge to make something special with the contents.  Last week I opened the box to see, along with the standard winter veggies,  an enormous Beetroot.
Now beetroot and I are Summer friends, I enjoy a slice in a salad sandwich and an Aussie hamburger would not be complete without some.  So what do you do with this salad veggie in winter?

Trawl the Internet for a suitable recipe!!

 I found this one at Australian Good Taste and although I didn't have the required quantity of beetroot it was no hassle to adapt.  I weighed my beetroot, found it was about 1/4 of what the recipe needed (I did say it was enormous) and then just quartered the rest of the ingredients.  I had already boiled it the day before, so jumped the bake in foil bit.

It proved to be very tasty on crackers with some vintage cheddar, and I can see it disappearing quickly once the rest of the family find it.

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