January 9, 2013

Bobbin Wind FAIL .....

I am STILL trying to work out how I managed this.....

I think that, as I was holding the leading tail of thread out of the way (so it didn't get caught up in the wind and make a mess...) I lifted the almost full bobbin just enough for the winding thread to slip underneath and continue winding a 'second bobbin' onto the spindle.

That is a LOT of thread to loose - so I wondered how much I could salvage. If I was VERY careful I may be able to get a few meters to use in hand sewing.

Now at this point in time I should mention that Spike was "Dead to the World" asleep on his tower beside me.

I am not sure how Cat Radar works but he didn't STAY asleep for, out of the corner of my eye I saw the cat coming stealthily down each step of the platform ... his eyes fixed on the dangling nest of thread.

If it had not been for Spikes help,

I think I may have salvaged ALL of the thread

 - but then ...

 really ...

He was just trying to help... And

Who wants to use thread that a cat has flossed his teeth with anyway?


  1. isn't cat radar amazing??? my kitty Fiona would also rise from a deep sleep to investigate a wispy tail.. LOL

  2. There has been many a crochet project of mine that has suffered from cat drool/gnawing being worked into the finished product...I now have to wash my finished items before I can gift them to their intended recipients!

  3. That is too funny. Happy New Year.

  4. Cats are so 'helpful' when it comes to threads and stitchy projects. Who would want to be without them? Not me! :o)