March 16, 2013

Brought to you by the letter D

Today I have had to scratch my head and think - D was shaping up to be a Diabolical letter to find photos for the four categories.  But Delving into the Distant past I was able to find - - - - -

HUMOROUS:  Do not Dump
Well, I thought it was funny at the time - the sign over the rubbish bin reads
"Dumping of Rubbish is Prohibited"
Humorous in it's own right but then the council went and piled all the rubble from the Park construction under the bin!
Do not dump... indeed!

FEET:  Ducks have feet

and this Duck obviously did not want them to touch the hot ground - while his companions are way too cool to be bothered with such an un-Dignified Display.

FURNITURE:  Display Cabinet
My DS made me this beautiful Display Cabinet as his Year 12 Woodwork project.

I keep my Cake Decorating Flower Samples in here as it keeps them free from Dust.

Oh well... being a Melbourne Girl I just  had to put up a photo of the Dazzling Display of Dear Jane Quilts that were recently Decorating the Box Hill Town Hall.

Well, that's my contribution for today.. join me again in a fortnight when the post will be the letter S.


  1. I love all of your photos definitely delightful and your comments make me smile. See you in a fortnight.

  2. Another very clever and thoughtful post. Well done. I think the Dear Jane would have been good to see.

  3. Your display cabinet is beautiful. Fine work and a treasure. Catching the duck in mid step was very well shot. From a distance all the D-quilts look the same but I'd imagine a close up view would show all tastes and personalities. Jane would have been pleased, I think.

  4. Great work from your son, beautiful cabinet. Did he keep up with the woodwork? We both have duck feet, albeit slightly different.

  5. excellent dump photo. and how clever getting the ducks like that. Well done.

  6. Snap on Display Cabinet. I wish I could have gone the Dear Jane exhib. Great photos for 'D'

  7. Very well done, congratulations. Those Dear Jane quilts are certainly a work of art, and take on a life of their own. Love your little cabinet, how wonderful to have something made by your son.

  8. Beautiful display cabinet, and what a lovely thing to have something like that made by your son.

    My little brother loved the Dr Seuss book called "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet", but I couldn't find a copy for this challenge.

  9. I enjoyed the Dear Jane Exhibition. Your display cabinet by your son is a treasure to keep. Great ideas for D and enjoyed reading them.