March 6, 2013

They tell me it's Autumn...

Autumn in Melbourne is a beautiful time of year.
The weather does what it wants, often giving us warm to hot days and cool evenings.

And trees are getting the idea that their shade is no longer needed and it is time to rest.

So what I have been up to this week?

LEAVES! - remember these?  They are the sentinels that make up border no 1 of Hearts Desire.
There are 4 sides to the quilt
12 'Trees' per side
3 Leaves per tree = 144  leaves. (5.5 cm long and needle-turned)
93 down - 51 to go!

With so many leaves to do at once - a production line seemed to be the way to go.

I found the easiest method was to dampen a small sponge with water and a good spray of Starch, and just moisten my fingers with the mix whilst turning the edge over my freezer paper templates with the detail iron.

It was definitely a lot quicker than painting the liquid starch on with a brush.

Well, there is my tip for today
- now I had better get back to stitching them all on!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing your quilt. I just know it will be amazing.So glad our days are getting longer and hopefully some warmer weather we still have piles of snow everywhere. Hugs Bunny

  2. Hi Wendy I'm miles behind om my Hearts Desirer, just wish I had some room to work on it. I'm worried I will loose some parts with it put away. I thought your photo of the leaves looked like a happy face????? great photo. Cheers Glenda

  3. So good to see a post on Hearts Desire. Glad to not be the only one still plugging away on it. (Even though my version is a remote convoluted version). Keep going! We're cheering you on.

  4. Oh always, I'm amazed by the detail and precision that your Heart's Desire quilt. :)

  5. Thanks! I'll be trying that.