April 27, 2013

Scatterday - today is L

Today's post is brought to you by the LOVELY Letter L.

..and the Categories are
A Lap Quilt

So here we go......

A few weeks ago I went outside to observe such a Luminous SKY.. I just had to grab my camera and start shooting.
(I am sure the neighbours thought me quite Looney, but then I suppose they are used to it!)

For our next category DS#2 happily brought out his collection of PURPLE Lanyons from the events he has attended at Monash University during the time he was a student there.
(He has attended a LOT of events.)

Hmmm.. CITY was proving to be a bit of a Lost Cause until... I remembered that DD had visited Launceston.
It is the second largest City in Tasmania (after Hobart) actually it is the 9th largest non-capital city in Australia.  I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Launceston - but it is on the LIST!
This photo is of the beautiful Cataract Gorge with the City in the distance.

And once again, from the Sewing Room - Lap Quilt. 
I designed and made this quilt for the sheer fun of it!  I had the feature fabric - Bookworms in a Library -in my stash for a bit, and when I came across the perfect Bug fabric to go with it, I just had to have some.
So there you have it - A Library Themed Lap Quilt that ticks all the boxes for Long hours of play and Learning.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.
Tune in again - same time same place to see what I can come up with for the letter V.


  1. Beautiful sky!

    "Snap!" for Launceston, although I actually have been there quite a few times, on holidays and on business trips.

  2. Hi Wendy

    You have a great selection of "L's", well done.
    And I can proudly say that this Kiwi has been to Cataract Gorge, Launceston. In fact we had a two week holiday and travelled right around Tasmania.

  3. LOVE your LAP quilt! Lucky you, to get that Lovely picture of the sky!

  4. Beauitful sky. Great takes on the subjects. Love the quilt.

  5. Enjoyed your L's. I saw a collection of over 300 lanyards, great weight around someone's neck. Launceston, been there and never thought of it, a truly lovely place.

  6. wow Luminous.......love it.
    I did not know what a lanyard was till the Bendigo SCQ retreat a few years back. And glad someone else loves the gorge...no idea where my real photos are, had to steal the one I used.