June 9, 2013

Scatterdays: And today... as they would say...

X marks the spot!
The thing with the letter X was that everyone thought that it would be eXtremely hard to come up with the required four categories.  But given the challenge it soon became apparent just how many Xs were available for today's post.

ALIVE: Xanthorrhoea
Australian Grass Tree – I have 2 of these in my garden.  One is very much ALIVE and has currently decided to put out five new flower spikes at once (and one of the 2 from last year still remains).
In summer it is ALIVE with Bees and Native Birds all eXcited to taste the honeydew nectar.

An X-Ray shows the hidden injuries we do to ourselves...  In this case an eXtremely painful fracture on my ankle.

FAMOUS: Xavier Herbert
- Famous Australian.  Miles Franklin award winning Author (Poor Fellow My Country) and also the Australian Classic “Capricornia”.  And yes, this book is actually from our Library.

CROSSES in Quilts: X Factor Bargello by Chris Timmins
When I was trawling through the photographs I had taken at the AQC this year to see if I could find something with crosses on it I could go no further than this Beautiful Red/Grey/Black Bargello it certainly had the X FACTOR!

What could possibly B the letter for Next Scatterday?


  1. Great x's Wendy. I have never broken a bone so I never had a plaster cast to sign, like a lot of the kids at school. Love your garden and quilt.

  2. Top choice. Love Chris' quilt