June 22, 2013

Scatterdays - B

 is our letter for today - and Isn't "Blackletter" a glorious font!
So, here are our Categories.

Congratulations Grandpa
LIBRARY:-  I could have taken a photo of Books that belong in a Library, but - I'm not going to.
Because, you see, My Dad has a Library named after him - So this is the perfect time to BRAG about it! 
(Before you ask, He started working as a 'Parent Volunteer' at the local Primary School library when my DD was in Prep (yes - the one that is now doing a Phd). He was there for so long, that when they built a new Library they named it after him. - He retired this year just before his 90th Birthday.)

SMELL:- It took a Long time to get the smell of BURNT BUN out of my Brand new Oven -
Thanks DS#1

EQUIPMENT:-  No longer a humble Kettle.
Bung the Billy on and Boil a Brew!
The search for a new Kettle began last Saturday when my humble piece of kitchen equipment BLEW the power circuit breaker and gave up the ghost!
The replacement?
A Breville "Smart Kettle" (in Pomegranate - a colour that was "so last year" it was marked down $50.00 - BARGAIN!)
This beauty of a beveridge centre boasts 5 different temperatures for the perfect brew!

BLOG:- My OTHER Blog -
This is where I review all the BEAUTIFUL Coffees and sometimes the B-awful (who said that??) ones too.  
Baristas Beware your next customer could be ME.

Next Scatterday's Post will be brought to you by the Letter N.
This is going to be interesting for me, as I am NOT going to be home and will try and Post from where I am and what I can find along the way.
Coincidentally my first (real) port of call will be - - Nashville TN !


  1. That poor burnt bun looks very sad.

    Congratulations to your Dad on having his very own library!

  2. Wow - Nashville, that is exciting!!

    You must be very proud of your Dad.

  3. How marvellous to be famous .. well done your Dad.
    Burnt bun roflo........ its great the savings just because they say things are out of fashion. Love both your blogs.

  4. You must be very proud of your Dad. I was in Nashville last year, amazing city, if you see Keith Urban and Nicole, say hello for me!!!!
    That poor burnt bun, perhaps the birds might have liked to pick at it.

  5. I love your selections this week! Great Bs!
    Your trip to Nashville sounds great - I'd highly recommend visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame - even if you don't think you're a country music fan, you'll come out of it transformed. Of course the Opry is a must, too! Have a great visit!

  6. That is some achievement by your dad and a wonderful way for the school to say thank you.
    Your burnt bun is also impressive. One day your son will surprise you with amazing cooking skills and you ave to agree...those skills can only improve:)